Die Übersetzung von "taste" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /teist/

to be aware of, or recognize, the flavour of something

goûter, sentir
I can taste ginger in this cake.

to test or find out the flavour or quality of (food etc) by eating or drinking a little of it

goûter (à)
Please taste this and tell me if it is too sweet.

to have a particular flavour or other quality that is noticed through the act of tasting

avoir un goût (de)
This milk tastes sour
The sauce tastes of garlic.

to eat (food) especially with enjoyment

I haven’t tasted such a delicious curry for ages.

to experience

He tasted the delights of country life.
tasteful adjective

showing good judgement or taste

de bon goût
a tasteful flower arrangement.
tastefully adverb

avec goût
tastefulness noun

(bon) goût
tasteless adjective

lacking flavour

fade, insipide
tasteless food.

showing a lack of good taste or judgement

de mauvais goût
tasteless behaviour.
tastelessly adverb

sans goût
tastelessness noun

absence/manque de goût

having a (particular kind of) taste

au goût (…)
a sweet-tasting liquid.
tasty adjective

having a good, especially savoury, flavour

tasty food.
tastiness noun

saveur agréable

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