Übersetzung von “tea” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nountea /ti/
uncountable a hot drink made from the crushed leaves of the tea bush
thé masculine

black/green tea
thé noir/vert

I"ll have a cup of tea, please.
Je prendrai une tasse de thé, s'il-vous-plaît.
countable a cup or glass of tea
thé masculine

Two teas please.
Deux thés, s'il-vous-plaît.
uncountable in parts of the U.K., a meal eaten in the early evening
thé masculine

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noun /tiː/

a type of plant grown in Asia, especially India, Ceylon and China, or its dried and prepared leaves

I bought half a kilo of tea.

a drink made by adding boiling water to these

Have a cup of tea!

a cup etc of tea

Two teas, please!

a small meal in the afternoon (afternoon tea) or a larger one in the early evening, at which tea is often drunk

thé, goûter
She invited him to tea.

a small bag or sachet of thin paper containing tea, on to which boiling water is poured in a pot or cup.

sachet de thé
teacup noun

a cup, usually of medium size, in which tea is served.

tasse à thé
tea party noun (plural tea-parties)

an afternoon party at which tea is usually served

She has been invited to a tea party.
teapot noun

a pot with a spout used for making and pouring tea.

tearoom noun

a restaurant where tea, coffee, cakes etc are served.

salon de thé
tea set nouns ( tea service)

a set of cups, saucers and plates, sometimes with a teapot and milk-jug.

service à thé
teaspoon noun

a small spoon for use with a teacup

cuiller à thé
I need a teaspoon to stir my tea.

a teaspoonful

cuillerée à café
a teaspoon of salt.
teaspoonful noun

an amount that fills a teaspoon

cuillerée à café
two teaspoonfuls of salt.
teatime noun

the time in the late afternoon or early evening at which people take tea

heure du thé
He said he would be back at tea-time.
tea towel noun

a cloth for drying dishes after they have been washed eg after a meal.

torchon (à vaisselle)

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