Die Übersetzung von "tear" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


noun /tiə/

a drop of liquid coming from the eye, as a result of emotion (especially sadness) or because something (eg smoke) has irritated it

tears of joy/laughter/rage.
tearful adjective

inclined to cry or weep; with much crying or weeping

pleureur, larmoyant
She was very tearful
a tearful farewell.

covered with tears

plein/couvert de larmes
tearful faces.
tearfully adverb

en pleurant
tearfulness noun

tear gas

a kind of gas causing blinding tears, used against eg rioters

gaz lacrymogène
The police used tear gas against the protesters.
tear-stained adjective

marked with tears

barbouillé de larmes
a tear-stained face.
in tears

crying or weeping

en larmes/pleurs
She was in tears over the broken doll.

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