Übersetzung von “technical” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivetechnical /ˈtɛknɪkəl/
relating to the way a machine, computer, etc. works

a technical fault
un défaut technique

customers needing technical assistance
des clients qui ont besoin d'assistance technique
relating to industry or science

technical advancements
des progrès techniques

a technical university
une université scientifique et technique
=specialized; (of language) relating to a particular subject

technical terms/jargon
termes techniques / jargon technique
relating to a skill needed to be able to do sth

a highly technical driving maneuver
une manœuvre très technique

a technical analysis of the stock market
une analyse technique du marché financier

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adjective /ˈteknikəl/

having, or relating to, a particular science or skill, especially of a mechanical or industrial kind

a technical college
technical skill
technical drawing.

(having many terms) relating to a particular art or science

‘Myopia’ is a technical term for ‘short-sightedness’.

according to strict laws or rules

a technical defeat.
technicality /-ˈka-/ noun (plural technicalities)

a technical detail or technical term

détail technique
Their instructions were full of technicalities.

a (trivial) detail or problem, eg caused by (too) strict obedience to laws, rules etc

détail technique, point de détail
I’m not going to be put off by mere technicalities.
technically adverb

in a technical way; He described the machine in simple terms, then more technically.


as far as skill and technique are concerned

sur le plan technique
The pianist gave a very good performance technically, although she seemed to lack feeling for the music.

according to strict obedience to laws or rules

en principe
Technically, you aren’t allowed to do that, but I don’t suppose anyone will object.
technician /-ˈniʃən/ noun

a person who has been trained to do something which involves some skill, eg with a piece of machinery

One of our technicians will repair the machine.

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