Übersetzung von “telephone” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countabletelephone /ˈtɛləˌfoʊn/
an electronic device used to speak to sb who is in a different place
téléphone masculine

If the telephone rings, answer it.
Si le téléphone sonne, réponds.
the system of communicating that uses telephones
téléphone masculine

You can contact me by telephone at this number.
Tu peux me contacter par téléphone à ce numéro.
; see also phone

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noun /ˈtelifəun/

(often abbreviated to phone) /foun/ an instrument for speaking to someone from a distance, using either an electric current which passes along a wire or radio waves

(de) téléphone
He spoke to me by telephone / on the telephone
(also adjective) a telephone number/operator.
telephonist /-ˈle-/ noun

a person who operates a telephone switchboard in a telephone exchange.

telephone booth (also call-box, telephone box)

a small room or compartment containing a telephone for public use.

cabine téléphonique
telephone directory

a book containing a list of the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all the people with telephones in a particular area

annuaire du téléphone
Look them up in the telephone directory.
telephone exchange

a central control through which telephone calls are directed.

central téléphonique


(often abbreviated to phone /foun/)

to send (a message) or ask for (something) by means of the telephone

I’ll telephone for a taxi.

to reach or make contact with (another place) by means of the telephone

téléphoner (à, en, chez)
What’s the code if you want to telephone England from Australia?

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