Übersetzung von “tell” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbtell /tɛl/ ( pt pp told )
transitive to give information to sb by speaking to them

Have you told her the truth yet?
As-tu déjà dit la vérité ?

Tell me how much money you need.
Dis-moi combien d'argent il te faut.

I told them (that) I was happy.
Je leur ai dit que j'étais heureux.

I won't tell anyone else about it.
Je ne le dirai à personne d'autre.
to reveal information or indicate sth

Her scores tell us she's an above average student.
Ses notes indiquent qu'elle est une étudiante au-dessus de la moyenne.

Dark skies told us a storm was coming.
Les cieux assombris indiquent l'arrivée d'un orage.
transitive to say the words of a story or joke

Mom always tells us a story at bedtime.
Maman nous raconte toujours une histoire le soir avant de dormir.
transitive to give an instruction or order
dire , ordonner

Do what your mother tells you.
Fais ce que ta mère te dit.

Don't tell me what to do.
Ne me dis pas ce que je dois faire.
transitive-intransitive to be able to recognize or identify sth
dire , savoir , distinguer

I could tell she was about to cry.
Je pouvais dire quelle était sur le point de pleurer.

To me it's impossible to tell one impressionist artist from another.
Pour moi, il est impossible de distinguer un artiste impressionniste d'un autre.

How do you tell which twin is Joe and which is Dan?
Comment sais-tu lequel des jumeaux est Joe ou Dan ?
intransitive to affect sb or sth
se faire sentir , peser

The years in the mines were beginning to tell.
Les années dans les mines commençaient à peser / se faire sentir.
I told you (so)
spoken used to say that what you told sb before was correct
je te l'avais (bien) dit

I told you, it's tomorrow, not today.
Je te l'avais (bien) dit, c'est demain, pas aujourd'hui.
tell you what
spoken indicates you have a suggestion to make
spoken tu sais / vous savez quoi

Tell you what, let's get some ice cream instead.
Tu sais quoi, on n'a qu'à prendre de la glace à la place.
something tells me
indicates you suspect that sth is true or is going to happen
quelque chose me dit

Something tells me we'll never get that money back.
Quelque chose me dit qu'on ne récupèrera jamais cet argent.
tell me about it
spoken indicates you are also experiencing sth bad sb has just mentioned
ne m'en parle / parlez pas

"I have way too much work to do." "Tell me about it."
"J'ai beaucoup trop de travail à faire." "Ne n'en parlez pas."
tell time
to be able to understand what a clock or watch shows
lire l'heure

They're learning to tell time.
Ils apprennent à lire l'heure.
tell the time
Brit tell time
lire l'heure

tell apart

verb phrasaltell apart /ˈtɛl əˈpɑrt/
to recognize the difference between two people or things
distinguer , différencier

One is a fake, but only an expert could tell them apart.
L'un d'entre eux est une imitation mais seul un expert serait capable de les différencier.

tell off

verb phrasaltell off [ ˈtɛl ˈɔf, ˈɒf ]
to angrily criticize sb
informal incendier , fam passer un savon à

I told him off for not cleaning his room.
Je l'ai incendié parce qu'il n'avait pas nettoyé la pièce.

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verb /tel/ (past tense, past participle told /tould/)

to inform or give information to (a person) about (something)

He told the whole story to John
He told John about it.

to order or command; to suggest or warn

demander (de)
I told him to go away.

to say or express in words

I dont like to telling lies.
He wants to tell us a story.

to distinguish; to see (a difference); to know or decide

distinguer, reconnaître, voir
Can you tell the difference between them?
I can’t tell one from the other
You can tell if the meat is cooked by/from the colour.

to give away a secret

parler, répéter
You mustn’t tell or we’ll get into trouble.

to be effective; to be seen to give (good) results

se faire sentir, se reconnaître
Good teaching will always tell.
teller noun

a person who receives or pays out money over the counter at a bank.

caissier/-ère; guichetier/-ère

a person who tells (stories)

a story-teller.
telling adjective

having a great effect

a telling argument.
tellingly adverb

telltale adjective

giving information (often which a person would not wish to be known)

the telltale signs of guilt.
I told you so

I told or warned you that this would happen, had happened etc, and I was right

je vous l’avais bien dit
‘I told you so, but you wouldn’t believe me.
tell off noun (The teacher used to tell me off for not doing my homework telling-off)

réprimander; réprimande
tell on

to have a bad effect on

nuire (à)
Smoking began to tell on his health.

to give information about (a person, usually if they are doing something wrong)

I’m late for work – don’t tell on me!
tell tales

to give away secret or private information about the (usually wrong) actions of others

cafarder, rapporter
You must never tell tales.
tell the time

to (be able to) know what time it is by looking at a clock etc or by any other means

savoir/dire l’heure
He can tell the time from the position of the sun
Could you tell me the time, please?
there’s no telling

it is impossible to know

impossible de dire/savoir (ce que)
There’s no telling what he’ll do!
you never can tell

it is possible

on ne sait jamais
It might rain – you never can tell.

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