Übersetzung von “term” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableterm /tɜrm/
a word or phrase for sth
terme masculine

a technical term
un terme technique

Try to express yourself in terms that everyone understands.
Essaie de t'exprimer dans des termes que tout le monde puisse comprendre.
a period sb spends doing a job
période feminine

Senators have a 6-year term.
Les sénateurs ont un mandat de 6 ans.
Brit a period sb must spend in jail
peine feminine

a 3-year term
une peine de 3 ans
one part of the year for students
trimestre masculine

We have a new teacher this term.
Nous avons un nouveau professeur ce trimestre.
long/short term
indicates the distant/near future
long/court terme

It seems difficult, but in the long term it'll be better for the whole family.
Cela paraît difficile mais, à long terme, ce sera mieux pour toute la famile.
; see also terms

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noun /təːm/

a (usually limited) period of time

peine; mandat, période
a term of imprisonment
a term of office.

a division of a school or university year

the autumn term.

a word or expression

Myopia is a medical term for short-sightedness.
terms noun plural

the rules or conditions of an agreement or bargain

They had a meeting to arrange terms for an agreement.

fixed charges (for work, service etc)

The firms sent us a list of their terms.

a relationship between people

They are on bad/friendly terms.
come to terms

to reach an agreement or understanding

arriver à un accord avec
They came to terms with the enemy.

to find a way of living with or tolerating (some personal trouble or difficulty)

faire face à, s’adapter (à)
He managed to come to terms with his illness.
in terms of

using as a means of expression, a means of assessing value etc

en fonction de, du point de vue de
He thought of everything in terms of money.

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