Übersetzung von “test” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countabletest /tɛst/
a piece of work to assess sb's knowledge, progress, etc.
devoir masculine , contrôle masculine , interrogation feminine , épreuve feminine

a math /chemistry/history test
un devoir/contrôle / une interrogation de maths/chimie / d'histoire
take a test
passer une épreuve

They let me take the test again.
Laissez-moi repasser l'épreuve.
fail/pass a test
to fail or succeed in a test
rater/réussir une épreuve
sit a test
Brit take a test
passer une épreuve
a medical examination
examen masculine , analyse feminine

The doctor has sent him to have more tests.
Le médecin l'a envoyé passer des examens / faire des analyses supplémentaires.
a trial of sth to find out if it works, is appropriate, etc.
essai masculine

They're conducting a test of the new system.
Ils procèdent à un essai du nouveau système.
sth difficult that shows how much of a particular quality you have
mise à l'épreuve feminine

a test of courage/faith/character
une mise à l'épreuve du courage / de la foi / de la force de caractère


verb transitivetest /tɛst/
to try sth to find out if it works, is appropriate, etc.

We test all components before we assemble them.
Nous testons tous les composants avant de les assembler.
to make sb take an examination
faire passer un contrôle

They test third graders in math and reading.
Ils font passer un contrôle de maths et de lecture aux CE2.
to conduct a medical test on sb
faire passer un examen , faire une analyse

We'll test you for anemia.
Nous allons vous faire une analyse pour rechercher de l'anémie.

I need to get my eyes tested again.
Il faut que je repasse un examen des yeux.
to challenge sb's ability, strength, etc.
mettre à l'épreuve , tester

an exercise program that will test your stamina
un programme d'exercices qui vont tester votre endurance

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noun /test/

a set of questions or exercises intended to find out a person’s ability, knowledge etc; a short examination

test, examen
an arithmetic/driving test.

something done to find out whether a thing is good, strong, efficient etc

test, épreuve, essai
a blood test.

an event, situation etc that shows how good or bad something is

test, épreuve, essai
a test of his courage.

a way to find out if something exists or is present

test, épreuve, essai
a test for radioactivity.
test match

in cricket, (one of) a series of matches between teams from two countries.

match international
test pilot

a pilot who tests new aircraft.

pilote d’essai
test-tube noun

a glass tube closed at one end, used in chemical tests or experiments.


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