Übersetzung von “thank” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitivethank /θæŋk/
to tell sb you are grateful for sth they have done

She thanked me again for helping her.
Elle m'a à nouveau remercié de l'avoir aidée.
; see also thanks, thank you
thank God/goodness
used to show relief or appreciation
Dieu merci

Thank God the police arrived so quickly.
Dieu merci, les policiers sont arrivés rapidement.

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verb /θӕŋk/

to express appreciation or gratitude to (someone) for a favour, service, gift etc

He thanked me for the present
She thanked him for inviting her.
thankful adjective

grateful; relieved and happy

reconnaissant; de gratitude/soulagement
He was thankful that the journey was over
a thankful sigh.
thankfully adverb

avec reconnaissance/soulagement
thankfulness noun
thankless adjective

for which no-one is grateful

Collecting taxes is a thankless task.
thanklessly adverb

thanklessness noun
thanks noun plural

expression(s) of gratitude

I really didn’t expect any thanks for helping them.
thanksgiving noun

the act of giving thanks, especially to God, eg in a church service

action de grâce(s)
a service of thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving noun

(also Thanksgiving Day) in the United States, a special day (the fourth Thursday in November) for giving thanks to God.

Action de Grâces
thanks to

because of

grâce à; à cause de
Thanks to the bad weather, our journey was very uncomfortable.
thank you

I thank you

Thank you (very much) for your present
No, thank you.

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