Übersetzung von “there” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adverbthere /ðɛər/
in or to a particular place
y , , voilà

Look, there they are.
Regardez, les voilà.

We're going to Malibu. How long will it take to drive there?
Nous allons à Malibu. Combien de temps cela nous prendra-t-il pour y aller en voiture ?

Is that Rockefeller Center over there?
Est-ce que c'est le Centre Rockefeller qui se trouve là ?
at a particular point in a process or series

Let's stop there today and go home.
Arrêtons-nous là pour aujourd'hui et rentrons à la maison.
available to help or be used

The nurses are there if you need anything.
les infirmières sont là si vous avez besoin de quoi que ce soit.
be there for sb
available to support sb
être là/présent/-e pour qqn

My parents were always there for me.
Mes parents ont toujours été là/présents pour moi.
there goes sth
indicates disappointment or annoyance when sth fails or is gone
on peut dire adieu à

There goes $2,000 of our savings.
On peut dire adieu à 2 000 $ sur nos économies.
there you go/there you are
spoken used when you give sb sth they have asked for
et voilà

"There you go," said the waitress, setting the food down.
"Et voilà." dit la serveuse en déposant la nourriture.


pronounthere /ðɛər/
there is/are/were etc.
indicates sth exists or happens
il y a

There's a bug on your shirt.
Il y a un insecte sur ta chemise.

There was a funny smell in the room.
Il y avait une drôle d'odeur dans la pièce.

Is there anything I can do?
Y a-t-il quoi que ce soit que je puisse faire ?

There seems to be a problem.
Il semble qu'il y ait un problème.


interjectionthere /ðɛər/
used to express satisfaction or the feeling that sth is finished

There, that looks better.
Voilà, ça m'a l'air mieux.

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adverb /ðeə, ðə/

(at, in, or to) that place

y, là
He lives there
Don’t go there.

used to introduce sentences in which a state, fact etc is being announced

il; il y a
There has been an accident at the factory
There seems to be something wrong
I don’t want there to be any mistakes in this.

at that time; at that point in a speech, argument etc

There I cannot agree with you
Don’t stop there – tell me what happened next!

(with the subject of the sentence following the verb except when it is a pronoun) used at the beginning of a sentence, usually with be or go, to draw attention to, or point out, someone or something

There she goes now! There it is!

(placed immediately after noun) used for emphasis or to point out someone or something

-là; là
That book there is the one you need.
thereabout(s) adverb

approximately in that place, of that number, at that time etc

à peu près
a hundred or thereabouts
at three o’clock or thereabouts.
therefore /ˈðeəfoː/ adverb

for that reason

par conséquent
He worked hard, and therefore he was able to save money.



used when a person has been shown to be correct, when something bad happens, or when something has been completed

là! voilà!
There! I told you he would do it!
There! That’s that job done
There! I said you would hurt yourself!

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