Übersetzung von “they” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


pronounthey /ðeɪ/
indicates a group that has already been mentioned
ils masculine plural , elles feminine plural

My family is visiting. They aren't leaving until Saturday.
Ma famille est venue me rendre visite. Ils ne partent pas avant samedi.

The blue ones are nice, but they're a little small.
Les bleus sont jolis mais ils sont un peu petits.
sb with authority or knowledge about a subject

They passed a law banning smoking in public buildings.
On a voté une loi d'interdiction de fumer dans les bâtiments publics.

They're saying it's going to rain tomorrow.
On prévoit de la pluie pour demain.
used instead of "he" or "she" when a person's sex is not known
il ou elle

Each player chooses the piece they want to use.
Chaque joueur choisit la pièce qu'il ou elle veut utiliser.

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pronoun /ðei/

(used only as the subject of a verb)

persons, animals or things already spoken about, being pointed out etc

ils, elles
They are in the garden.

used instead of he, he or she etc when the person’s sex is unknown or when people of both sexes are being referred to

il(s), elle(s)
If anyone does that, they are to be severely punished.

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