Die Übersetzung von "thin" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


adjective /θin/

having a short distance between opposite sides

thin paper
The walls of these houses are too thin.

(of people or animals) not fat

mince, maigre
She looks thin since her illness.

(of liquids, mixtures etc) not containing any solid matter; rather lacking in taste; (tasting as if) containing a lot of water or too much water

clair, liquide
thin soup.

not set closely together; not dense or crowded

His hair is getting rather thin.

not convincing or believable

peu convaincant
a thin excuse.
thinly adverb

de façon clairsemée
thinness noun

thin air


sans laisser de traces
He disappeared into thin air.
thin-skinned adjective

sensitive; easily hurt or upset

Be careful what you say – she’s very thin-skinned.
thin out

to make or become less dense or crowded

The trees thinned out near the river.

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