Übersetzung von “thing” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablething /θɪŋ/
sth you cannot or do not want to name
chose feminine , informal truc masculine

What's that slimy thing on the floor?
C'est quoi, cette chose gluante sur la table ?

It's a thing that looks like a giant teacup.
C'est quelque chose qui ressemble à une tasse à thé géante.
a subject or piece of information, or sth you say or think
chose feminine

I think I said the wrong thing.
Je crois que j'ai dit ce qu'il ne fallait pas.

Oh, one more thing - do you still have my DVD?
Oh, encore une chose, est-ce que tu as encore mon DVD ?
the main thing

The main thing is that everyone is safe.
L'essentiel est que tout le monde soit sain et sauf.
that kind/sort of thing
ce genre de chose

He loves science and that kind of thing.
Il adore la science et ce genre de chose.
a situation, action, or event
chose feminine

I saw the strangest/funniest/weirdest etc. thing today.
C'est la chose la plus étrange/drôle/singulière etc. que j'aie vue aujourd'hui.

The best thing to do is to forget it.
La meilleure chose à faire est de l'oublier.
It's a good thing (that)

It's a good thing you heard her calling us.
Heureusement que tu l'as entendue nous appeler.
the whole thing
an entire situation
tout cela/ça

I thought the whole thing was ridiculous.
Je trouvais tout cela ridicule.
plural sb's general situation

Things at work have been bad lately.
Ça a été mal au travail ces derniers temps.

How are things with you?
Comment ça se passe pour toi?
an object, not a person, animal, or plant
chose feminine , objet masculine

a pile of papers and other things
une pile de journaux et d'autres choses

I'm not good at making things.
Je ne suis pas doué pour fabriquer des objets.
a part of sth
chose feminine , partie feminine

The best thing about the movie is the acting.
La meilleure chose dans ce film, c'est le jeu des acteurs.
sb's things
sb's possessions
affaires feminine plural

Where did you leave your things?
Où as-tu laissé tes affaires ?
sb's thing
sth that sb is interested in
la tasse de thé de qqn , informal le truc de qqn masculine

Classical music isn't really his thing.
La musique classique n'est pas vraiment sa tasse de thé.

You just go ahead and do your thing.
Contente-toi d'aller de l'avant et de faire ce que tu aimes.
for one thing
indicates one important reason for sth
d'abord / déjà

"Why don't you invite him?" "Well, for one thing, Mom doesn't like him."
"Pourquoi est-ce que tu ne l'invites pas ?" "Eh bien, d'abord/déjà, Maman ne l'aime pas."
have a thing about
informal to have strong positive or negative feelings about sb or sth
avoir une passion pour / avoir en horreur

She has a thing about Elvis - she has all his albums.
Elle a une passion pour Elvis ; elle a tous ses albums.

I have a thing about flying - I can't do it.
J'ai le fait de prendre l'avion en horreur ; j'en suis incapable.
(just) one of those things
used to say that you cannot control or change a bad situation
c'est ainsi

It wasn't your fault - it's just one of those things.
Ce n'était pas ta faute, c'est ainsi.
not a thing
not anything

She doesn't know a thing about me.
Elle ne sait rien de moi.
the thing is
spoken used to introduce an explanation
le fait est

I'd like to do it, but the thing is, I can't afford to.
J'aimerais le faire mais le fait est que je ne peux pas me le permettre.

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noun /θiŋ/

an object; something that is not living

What do you use that thing for?

a person, especially a person one likes

personne, créature
She’s a nice old thing.

any fact, quality, idea etc that one can think of or refer to

Music is a wonderful thing
I hope I haven’t done the wrong thing
That was a stupid thing to do.
things noun plural

things, especially clothes, that belong to someone

Take all your wet things off.
first thing (in the morning

early in the morning just after getting up, starting work etc

demain à la première heure
I’ll do it first thing (in the morning).
last thing (at night

late at night, just before stopping work, going to bed etc

juste avant de se coucher
She always has a cup of tea last thing at night.
the thing is …

the important fact or question is; the problem is

la question est
The thing is, is he going to help us?

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