Die Übersetzung von "thorough" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


adjective /ˈθarə, (American) ˈθəːrəu/

(of a person) very careful; attending to every detail

a thorough worker.

(of a task etc) done with a suitably high level of care, attention to detail etc

His work is very thorough.

complete; absolute

a thorough waste of time.
thoroughly adverb

with great care, attending to every detail

à fond
She doesn’t do her job very thoroughly.


complèt- ement, tout à fait
He’s thoroughly stupid/bored.
thoroughness noun

care; attention to detail

the thoroughness of her research.
thoroughfare /-feə/ noun

a public road or street

voie publique
Don’t park your car on a busy thoroughfare.

(the right of) passage through

passage interdit
A sign on the gate said ‘No Thoroughfare’.

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