Übersetzung von “thrash” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbthrash /θræʃ/
intransitive to move with forceful, uncontrolled movements
se débattre , convulser

The fish thrashed around on the dock.
Sur le quai, les poissons étaient agités de mouvements convulsifs.
to defeat sb very easily in a sport or fight

They thrashed us - 6 to 1.
Ils nous ont écrasés ; 6 à 1.

thrash out

verb phrasalthrash out [ ˈθræʃ ˈaʊt ]
to discuss sth completely and with energy
mettre à plat

managers and employees trying to thrash out their differences
des directeurs et des employés essayant de mettre à plat leurs différences

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verb /θrӕʃ/

to strike with blows

The child was soundly thrashed.

to move about violently

se débattre
The wounded animal thrashed about/around on the ground.

to defeat easily, by a large margin

battre à plates coutures
Our team was thrashed eighteen-nil.
thrashing noun

a physical beating

He needs a good thrashing!

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