Übersetzung von “thread” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablethread /θrɛd/
a long, very thin piece of cotton, nylon, etc. used for sewing
fil masculine

a needle and thread
une aiguille et du fil

a piece of black thread
un norceau de fil noir
an idea or quality that connects things
fil masculine

the thread of the conversation during the evening
le fil de la conversation durant cette soirée

Self-confidence is a common thread among entrepreneurs.
La confiance en soi est un point commun chez les entrepreneurs.


verbthread /θrɛd/
transitive to put a piece of thread through the hole in a needle

I couldn't thread the needle.
Je ne pouvais pas enfiler l'aiguille.
transitive-intransitive to move carefully between and around things
se faufiler

as they threaded their way through the crowd
tandis qu'ils se faufilaient à travers la foule

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noun /θred/

a thin strand of cotton, wool, silk etc, especially when used for sewing

a needle and some thread.

the spiral ridge around a screw

This screw has a worn thread.

the connection between the various events or details (in a story, account etc)

I’ve lost the thread of what he’s saying.
threadbare adjective

(of material) worn thin; shabby

a threadbare jacket.



to make (one’s way) through

se faufiler
She threaded her way through the crowd.

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