Übersetzung von “throat” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablethroat /θroʊt/
the opening at the back of your mouth
gorge feminine

She had something stuck in her throat.
Elle avait quelque chose de coincé au fond de la gorge.

a sore throat
une gorge douloureuse
your neck
gorge feminine

The guy grabbed him by the throat.
Le type l'a saisi à la gorge.

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noun /θrəut/

the back part of the mouth connecting the openings of the stomach, lungs and nose

She has a sore throat.

the front part of the neck

She wore a silver brooch at her throat.

having a (certain type of) throat

à gorge (…)
a red-throated bird.
throaty adjective

(of a voice) coming from far back in the throat; deep and hoarse

de gorge
a throaty laugh.
throatily adverb

d’une façon gutturale
throatiness noun

qualité gutturale

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