Die Übersetzung von "through" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


preposition /θruː/

into from one direction and out of in the other

dans, à travers
The water flows through a pipe.

from side to side or end to end of

d’un bout à l’autre
He walked (right) through the town.

from the beginning to the end of

en entier
She read through the magazine.

because of

à cause de
He lost his job through his own stupidity.

by way of

par l’intermédiaire de
He got the job through a friend.

(American) from … to (inclusive)

de (…) à (…) (inclus)
I work Monday through Friday.
throughout preposition

in all parts of

partout dans
They searched throughout the house.

from start to finish of

tout le long de
She complained throughout the journey.
all through

from beginning to end of

du début à la fin (de)
The baby cried all through the night.

in every part of

dans tout, partout
Road conditions are bad all through the country.
soaked/wet through

very wet

His coat was wet through.
through and through


He was a gentleman through and through.
through with

finished with

qui a terminé
Are you through with the newspaper yet?

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