Übersetzung von “thrust” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitive-intransitivethrust /θrʌst/ ( pt pp thrust )
to push sth forcefully somewhere
coup masculine

He thrust the knife toward me.
Il a donné un coup de couteau dans ma direction.


nounthrust [ θrʌst ]
the thrust of
the main point of sth
l'essentiel de

the thrust of her argument
l'essentiel de son argument
countable a forceful push
coup masculine

a few thrusts of the sword
quelques coups d'épée

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verb /θrast/ (past tense, past participle thrust)

to push suddenly and violently

He thrust his spade into the ground
She thrust forward through the crowd.
thrust on/upon

to bring (something or someone) forcibly to someone’s notice, into someone’s company etc

imposer (à)
He thrust $100 on me
She is always thrusting herself on other people
Fame was thrust upon him.



a force pushing forward

the thrust of the engines.

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