Übersetzung von “tick” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbtick /tɪk/
intransitive (of a clock) to make a short sound
faire tic-tac

I could hear the clock ticking.
J'entendais le tic-tac de l'horloge.
Brit =check; to put the symbol ( √ ) next to sth

tick off

verb phrasaltick off [ ˈtɪk ˈɔf, ˈɒf ] informal
to make sb angry

It really ticked me off when she said that.
Ça m'énervait vraiment qu'elle dise cela.
Brit to angrily criticize sb
fam passer un savon à


noun countabletick /tɪk/
the sound a clock makes
tic-tac masculine

the tick of the clock
le tic-tac de l'horloge
Brit =check; the symbol ( √ )
coche feminine

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noun /tik/

a regular sound, especially that of a watch, clock etc

the steady tick of the clock.

a moment

Wait a tick!


noun /tik/

a mark ( ) used to show that something is correct, has been noted etc

If the answer is ’yes’, put a tick in the box.
tick (someone) off ( give (someone) a ticking off)

to scold someone

engueuler, passer un savon à
The teacher gave me a ticking-off for being late.
tick (someone) off

(American ) (slang) to make someone angry

He really ticked me off
It ticks me off when you speak like that.
tick over

to run quietly and smoothly at a gentle pace

tourner au ralenti
The car’s engine is ticking over.
ticked off adjective

(American ) (slang) angry.

agacé, ennuyé
I’m still ticked about the way the company treated me.


noun /tik/

a type of small, blood-sucking insect

Our dog has ticks.

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