Übersetzung von “tie” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbtie /taɪ/ ( tying )
to fasten sth by joining two strings, ropes, etc.
attacher , lier

Tie your shoes.
Lace tes chaussures.

They tied the ropes around the crate.
Ils ont attaché les cordes autour de la caisse.

He tied the dog's leash to the railing.
Il attacha la laisse du chien à la grille.

Tie the two ends together.
Lie ensemble les deux extrémités.
transitive to make a knot with string, rope, etc.

Tie some knots in the string.
Faites des nœuds à la ficelle.

kids learning how to tie a bow
des enfants qui apprennent à faire un nœud
transitive to link or connect two things

evidence that ties the two men to the murder
des preuves qui relient les deux hommes au meurtre
transitive-intransitive to make the score of the game the same for each side
faire match nul

That shot tied the score.
Ce tir marqua l'égalisation.

The score was tied, 2-2.
C'était match nul, 2 à 2.

"Did you win?" "No, we tied."
"Est-ce que vous avez gagné ?" "Non, on a fait match nul."
transitive to limit or restrict

The contract ties me to the company for six years.
Le contrat qui me lie à l'entreprise pour une durée de six ans.
tie the knot
informal to get married
informal se mettre/passer la corde au cou

When are they going to tie the knot?
Quand allez-vous vous mettre/passer la corde au cou ?

tie down

verb phrasaltie down [ ˈtaɪ ˈdaʊn ]
to limit sb's freedom
compromettre sa liberté

I don't want to be tied down with a family.
Je ne veux pas compromettre ma liberté en fondant une famille.

tie in with

verb phrasaltie in with [ ˈtaɪ ˈɪn ˌwɪθ, ˌwɪð ]
(of information) to match or be closely related
concorder , se rapprocher de

Her statement ties in with what her brother told police.
Sa déposition concorde avec ce que son frère a dit à la police.

The article ties these facts in with evidence from other reports.
Cet article rapproche ces faits des témoignages recueillis par ailleurs.

tie up

verb phrasaltie up [ ˈtaɪ ˈʌp ]
to tie a rope around sb to stop them from moving

They tied the prisoners up and left them.
Ils ont ligoté les prisonniers et les ont laissés.
tied up
busy doing sth
occupé/-ée , pris/-e

She's tied up in a meeting right now.
Pour l'instant, elle est en réunion.


noun countabletie /taɪ/
a long colored piece of cloth, tied under the collar of a man's shirt
cravate feminine

a shirt and tie
une chemise et une cravate
(usually pl) a connection or link
liens masculine plural

his ties to the mafia
ses liens avec la mafia
sth used to fasten things
lien masculine

plastic ties for garbage bags
des liens en plastique pour les sacs-poubelles
a score in a game in which both sides have the same number of points
match masculine nul

It ended in a tie.
Ça s'est terminé par un match nul.

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verb /tai/ (present participle tying, past tense, past participle tied)

(often with to, onetc) to fasten with a string, rope etc

He tied the horse to a tree
The parcel was tied with string
I don’t like this job – I hate being tied to a desk.

to fasten by knotting; to make a knot in

He tied his shoelaces.

to be joined by a knot etc

se nouer
The belt of this dress ties at the front.

to score the same number of points etc (in a game, competition etc)

être à égalité
Three people tied for first place.
be tied up

to be busy; to be involved (with)

être pris/occupé
I can’t discuss this matter just now – I’m tied up with other things.

(with with) to be connected with

être lié à
The whole affair is tied up with politics.
tie (someone) down

to limit someone’s freedom etc

Her work tied her down.
tie in/up

to be linked or joined (logically)

correspondre à
This doesn’t tie in (with what he said before).



something that joins

the ties of friendship.

an equal score or result (in a game, competition etc); a draw

match nul
The game ended in a tie.

a game or match to be played

match de championnat
Their fourth round tie is due to be played next Wednesday.

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