Die Übersetzung von "tight" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


adjective /tait/

fitting very or too closely

I couldn’t open the box because the lid was too tight
My trousers are too tight.

stretched to a great extent; not loose

He made sure that the ropes were tight.

(of control etc) strict and very careful

She keeps (a) tight control over her emotions.

not allowing much time

We hope to finish this next week but the schedule’s a bit tight.
-tight (also airtight, *watertight)

hermétique, étanche
tighten verb

to make or become tight or tighter

He tightened his grip on her hand.
tightness noun

étroitesse; sévérité
tights noun plural

a close-fitting (usually nylon or woollen) garment covering the feet, legs and body to the waist

She bought three pairs of tights.
tight-fisted adjective

mean and ungenerous with money

a tight-fisted employer.
tightrope noun

a tightly-stretched rope or wire on which acrobats balance.

corde raide
a tight corner/spot

a difficult position or situation

situation difficile
His refusal to help put her in a tight corner/spot.
tighten one’s belt

to make sacrifices and reduce one’s standard of living

se serrer la ceinture
If the economy gets worse, we shall just have to tighten our belts.

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