Übersetzung von “tile” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countabletile /taɪl/
a flat piece of hard material, used to cover floors, walls, or roofs
roof: tuile feminine , floor, wall: carreau masculine

floor/roof tiles
des carreaux/tuiles


verb transitive
to put tiles on sth
roof: poser des tuiles sur , floor, wall: carreler

to tile the bathroom/kitchen/roof
carreler la salle de bain / cuisine / poser des tuiles sur le toit

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noun /tail/

a piece of baked clay used in covering roofs, walls, floors etc

tuile; carreau
Some of the tiles were blown off the roof during the storm.

a similar piece of plastic material used for covering floors etc

kitchen tiles.
tiled adjective

covered with tiles

recouvert de tuiles, de carreaux
a tiled floor.

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