Übersetzung von “tire” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


tire /taɪər/, Brit tyre /taɪər/ noun countable
the black rubber covering on a wheel
pneu masculine

a spare tire
un pneu de rechange


verb transitive-intransitivetire /taɪər/
to become or make tired
(se) fatiguer

She tires quickly since her illness.
Elle se fatigue vite depuis sa maladie.

tire of

verb phrasaltire of /ˈtaɪər ˌʌv, əv/
to become bored with
se fatiguer/lasser de

He soon tired of playing with the dog.
Il se lassa vite de jouer avec le chien.

tire out

verb phrasaltire out /ˈtaɪər ˈaʊt/
to make sb very tired
épuiser , exténuer

Running on the beach had tired the dogs out.
Courir sur la plage a épuisé les chiens.

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verb /ˈtaiə/

to make, or become, physically or mentally in want of rest, because of lack of strength, patience, interest etc; to weary

(se) fatiguer
Walking tired her
She tires easily.
tired adjective

wearied; exhausted

She was too tired to continue
a tired child.

(with of) no longer interested in; bored with

fatigué (de)
I’m tired of (answering) stupid questions!
tiredness noun

tireless adjective

never becoming weary or exhausted; never resting

a tireless worker
tireless energy/enthusiasm.
tirelessly adverb

tirelessness noun

tiresome adjective

troublesome; annoying

a tiresome child who is forever complaining about something.
tiresomely adverb

d’une façon ennuyeuse
tiresomeness noun

caractère ennuyeux
tiring adjective

causing (physical) tiredness

I’ve had a tiring day
The journey was very tiring.
tire out

to tire or exhaust completely

The hard work tired her out.

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