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prepositionto /tu/
indicates the infinitive form of a verb
(indique l'infinitif d'un verbe)

Would you like to eat now?
Aimerais-tu manger maintenant ?

I have to leave.
Je dois partir.
indicates the aim of an action

He's coming over to fix the fence.
Il est venu pour réparer la clôture.
indicates where sb or sth is going
à , vers

He walked to his car.
Il a marché vers sa voiture.

a plane going to Phoenix
un avion qui va à Phoenix
indicates the person or thing affected by an action

He gave the letter to his mother.
Il a donné la lettre à sa mère.

I described the man to the police officer.
J'ai décrit l'homme au policier.
indicates the position sb or sth is in or the direction they are facing

It's a door to the left after the bathroom.
C'est une porte à / sur la gauche après la salle de bain.

Wave to Mommy.
Fais signe à Maman.
indicates where sth is attached

a note stuck to the wall
une note collée au mur
until a time or until sth happens

How many days is it to Halloween?
Combien de jours y a-t-il jusqu'à Halloween?

The pool is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
La piscine est ouverte de 10h du matin jusqu'à 7h du soir.

It's 8 minutes to 9:00.
Il est 9 heures moins 8.
indicates sb's opinion or feeling about sth

It's really important to me.
C'est vraiment important pour moi.
indicates a comparison or relationship

They're leading 4 goals to 2.
Ils mènent 4 buts à 2.

We compared dieting to exercise, and exercise was better.
Nous avons comparé le régime à l'exercice, et l'exercice est meilleur.
indicates sth is needed for sth else
à , de

the solution to the problem
la solution du/au problème

the key to my jewellery box
la clè de ma boîte à bijoux
indicates a particular reaction to sth

To my horror, my car was gone.
A mon horreur, ma voiture avait disparu.
to and fro
liter backward and forward
d'avant en arrière

a boy swinging to and from
un garçon se balançant d'avant en arrière

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preposition /, tu/

towards; in the direction of

à, vers
I cycled to the station
The book fell to the floor
I went to the concert/lecture/play.

as far as

His story is a lie from beginning to end.


Did you stay to the end of the concert?

sometimes used to introduce the indirect object of a verb

He sent it to us
You’re the only person I can talk to.

used in expressing various relations

à; de
Listen to me!
Did you reply to his letter?
Where’s the key to this door?
He sang to (the accompaniment of) his guitar.

into a particular state or condition

She tore the letter to pieces.

used in expressing comparison or proportion

que; à
He’s junior to me
Your skill is superior to mine
We won the match by 5 goals to 2.

showing the purpose or result of an action etc

He came quickly to my assistance
To my horror, he took a gun out of his pocket.

// used before an infinitive eg after various verbs and adjectives, or in other constructions

de; pour
I want to go!
He asked me to come
He worked hard to (= in order to) earn a lot of money
These buildings were designed to (= so as to) resist earthquakes
She opened her eyes to find him standing beside her
I arrived too late to see him.

used instead of a complete infinitive

“to” est utilisé en lieu et place de l’infinitif dans son entier pour ne pas répéter le verbe – Il lui demanda de rester mais elle ne le voulut pas
He asked her to stay but she didn’t want to.
to and fro /tuːənˈfrou/

backwards and forwards

de long en large
They ran to and fro in the street.


used in phrasal verbs and compounds

He came to (= regained consciousness).

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