Übersetzung von “tolerate” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitivetolerate /ˈtɒləˌreɪt/
to accept sth even though you are not happy about it
tolérer , supporter

I can't tolerate any more of their arguing.
Je ne supporte plus de les entendre se disputer.
to be able to withstand sth
tolérer , supporter

His body won't tolerate any further medication.
Son corps ne supportera pas davantages de médicaments.

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verb /ˈtoləreit/

to bear or endure; to put up with

I couldn’t tolerate his rudeness.
tolerable adjective

able to be borne or endured

The heat was barely tolerable.

quite good

The food was tolerable.
tolerance noun

the ability to be fair and understanding to people whose ways, opinions etc are different from one’s own

We should always try to show tolerance to other people.

the ability to resist the effects of eg a drug

If you take a drug regularly, your body gradually acquires a tolerance of it.
tolerant adjective

showing tolerance

He’s very tolerant towards his neighbours.
tolerantly adverb

avec tolérance
toleration noun

the act of tolerating

His toleration of her behaviour amazed me.

tolerance, especially in religious matters

The government passed a law of religious toleration.

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