Übersetzung von “total” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivetotal /ˈtoʊtl/ (always before n)
with everything included

the total cost
le coût total
total/-e , complet/-ète

a total mess/disaster/failure
un total gâchis / un complet désastre / un échec complet


noun countabletotal /ˈtoʊtl/
the final amount when other amounts are added together
total masculine

There will be a total of about 50 people at the party.
Il y aura un nombre total de 50 personnes à la soirée.


verb transitivetotal /ˈtoʊtl/ ( totaling, totaled or totalling, totalled )
to become a particular amount by adding everything together
totaliser , s'élever à

revenues that totaled around $300 million
des revenus qui s'élèvent à environ 300 millions de dollars
informal to completely destroy a vehicle
informal bousiller

The car had been totalled.
La voiture a été bousillée.

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adjective /ˈtəutəl/

whole; complete

total, complet
What is the total cost of the holiday?
The car was a total wreck.
totally adverb


I was totally unaware of his presence.
total up

to add up

He totalled up (the amount he had sold) at the end of the week.

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