Übersetzung von “track” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nountrack /træk/
countable-uncountable the metal bars a train moves along
voie feminine (ferrée) , rails masculine plural

damaged areas of track
des portions de voie endommagées

He stood on the railroad tracks.
Il se tenait debout sur la voie.
Brit a trail in the country
chemin masculine
countable a circular path on which races happen
piste feminine

a dog/horse track
un cynodrome/hippodrome
; see also racetrack
uncountable the sport of running in races
athlétisme masculine

track and field events
une compétition d'athlétisme

He ran track in high school.
Il a fait de l'athlétisme au lycée.
countable one of the pieces in a recorded collection of music

Play track 15.
Joue la piste 15.
keep track
to watch and be aware of how sth is progressing
rester au courant

I can't keep track of all my nieces and their jobs.
Je ne peux pas rester au courant de toutes mes nièces et de leurs emplois.
lose track
to fail to watch or be aware of how sth is progressing or being done
ne plus être au courant

I lost track of how many times I explained it.
Je ne saurais plus dire combien de fois je l'ai expliqué.
on the right/wrong track
doing sth in a way that is likely to lead to success/failure
être sur la bonne voie / faire fausse route

The country is on the wrong track in the way it deals with terrorism.
Le pays fait fausse route dans la façon qu'il a d'aborder le terrorisme.
on track
progressing as expected and likely to succeed
sur la / en bonne voie

The department is on track to meet its sales targets.
Le service est en bonne voie pour réaliser les objectifs de ventes.


verb transitivetrack /træk/
to follow where a person or animal has gone
suivre la trace de

Electronic equipment helps us track the dolphins.
L'équipement électronique nous aide à suivre la trace des dauphins.
to watch how sth progresses or develops
suivre la progression / l'évolution

It is her job to track the cost of various products.
C'est son travail de suivre l'évolution des coûts de produits variés.

track down

verb phrasaltrack down [ ˈtræk ˈdaʊn ]
to search hard and find sb or sth
traquer , retrouver

The detective finally tracked him down.
L'inspecteur l'a finalement retrouvé.

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noun /trӕk/

a mark left, especially a footprint etc

They followed the lion’s tracks.

a path or rough road

a mountain track.

(also racetrack) a course on which runners, cyclists etc race

piste; (d’)athlétisme
a running track
(also adjective) the 100 metres sprint and other track events.

a railway line

voie (ferrée)
A train was comng down the track.
tracksuit noun

a warm suit worn by athletes etc when exercising, or before and after performing.

in one’s tracks

where one stands or is

sur place
He stopped dead in his tracks.
keep/lose track of

(not) to keep oneself informed about (the progress or whereabouts of)

rester au courant de, en contact avec; ne plus être au courant de, en contact avec
I’ve lost track of what is happening.
make tracks (for)

to depart, or set off (towards)

We ought to be making tracks (for home).
track down

to pursue or search for (someone or something) until it is caught or found

(finir par) trouver
I managed to track down an old copy of the book.
tracker dog noun

a dog that is trained to find people, drugs, explosives etc.

chien policier

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