Übersetzung von “traffic” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun uncountabletraffic /ˈtræfɪk/
all the vehicles using the roads in an area
circulation feminine

heavy traffic
une circulation dense

traffic information
les informations routières
all transportation from one place to another
trafic masculine

air traffic
trafic aérien
the illegal buying and selling of goods or weapons
trafic masculine

illicit traffic in narcotic drugs
le trafic illicite de stupéfiants
the transfer of information by electronic means
trafic masculine

online traffic
le trafic en ligne

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noun /ˈtrӕfik/

vehicles, aircraft, ships etc moving about

circulation, trafic
There’s a lot of traffic on the roads / on the river.

trade, especially illegal or dishonest

the traffic in illegal drugs.
trafficker noun

a usually illegal or dishonest dealer

a trafficker in drugs.
traffic island

a small pavement in the middle of a road, for pedestrians to stand on on their way across.

traffic jam

a situation in which large numbers of road vehicles are prevented from proceeding freely

We got stuck in a traffic jam for ages.
traffic lights

lights of changing colours for controlling traffic at road crossings etc

feux (de circulation)
Turn left at the traffic lights.

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