Übersetzung von “trail” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countabletrail /treɪl/
a path in the woods, mountains, etc. for walking or climbing
chemin masculine , sentier masculine

a mountain trail
un sentier de montagne

a hiking trail
un chemin de randonnée
marks left by a person or animal as it moves
piste feminine , trace feminine

They followed the wild boar trail.
Il ont suivi la piste du sanglier.


verbtrail /treɪl/
transitive to follow sb
suivre la piste de

Police are trailing the suspects.
Les policiers ont suivi la piste des suspects.

a group of kids trailing along behind their mothers
un groupe d'enfants à la queue leu leu derrière leurs mères
transitive-intransitive to pull or be pulled along behind

a boy trailing his scarf along the floor
un garçon traînant son écharpe à terre

a boat with a rope trailing behind it
un bateau traînant un cordage derrière lui

trail away/off

verb phrasaltrail away/off [ ˈtreɪl əˈweɪ/ˈɔf, ˈɒf ]
to gradually become quieter

His voice trailed off as she entered the room.
Sa voix s'atténua lorsqu'elle entra dans la pièce.

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verb /treil/

to drag, or be dragged, along loosely

Garments were trailing from the suitcase.

to walk slowly and usually wearily

aller en traînant les pieds
He trailed down the road.

to follow the track of

suivre la piste (de)
The herd of reindeer was being trailed by a pack of wolves.
trailer noun

a vehicle pulled behind a motor car

We carry our luggage in a trailer.

(American) a caravan.


a short film advertising a complete film

a teaser trailer.



a path through a forest or other wild area

a mountain trail.

a line, or series of marks, left by something as it passes

There was a trail of blood across the floor.

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