Übersetzung von “transfer” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbtransfer /trænsˈfɜr, ˈtrænsfər/ ( transferring, transferred )
to move or make move from one place to another
(faire) transférer , muter

She transferred $1000 into her savings account.
Elle a fait transférer 1 000 $ sur son compte-épargne.

I'd like to transfer to the Washington office.
J'aimerais muter au bureau de Washington.
to give ownership or control of sth to sb else
transférer à

the process of transferring leadership
le processus de transfert de la direction


noun countable-uncountabletransfer /ˈtrænsfər/
the process of moving sth from one place to another
transfert masculine

the transfer of prisoners from the jail to the court house
le transfert des prisonniers de la prison au palais de justice

the transfer of funds
le transfert de fonds

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verb /trӕnsˈfəː/ (past tense, past participle transferred)

to remove to another place

He transferred the letter from his briefcase to his pocket.

to (cause to) move to another place, job, vehicle etc

muter, transférer
I’m transferring / They’re transferring me to the Bangkok office.

to give to another person, especially legally

I intend to transfer the property to my son.
transferable adjective

that can be transferred from one place or person to another

transférable, transmissible
This ticket is not transferable (= may not be used except by the person to whom it is issued).



the act of transferring

transfert, mutation
The manager arranged for his transfer to another football club.

a design, picture etc that can be transferred from one surface to another, eg from paper to material as a guide for embroidery.


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