Übersetzung von “transmit” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbtransmit /trænsˈmɪt, trænz-/ ( transmitting, transmitted )
transitive-intransitive to send out or broadcast a signal
transmettre , diffuser , émettre

a satellite transmitting data to earth
un satellite transmettant les données vers la terre

The radio tower was not transmitting.
La tour hertzienne n'émettait pas.
transitive formal to communicate sth

parents transmitting ideas to their children
des parents transmettant des idées à leurs enfants
to infect sb with a disease or illness

a disease that is transmitted through insect bites
une maladie qui se transmet par le biais de piqûres d'insectes

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verb /trӕnzˈmit/ (past tense, past participle transmitted)

to pass on

He transmitted the message
Insects can transmit disease.

to send out (radio or television signals, programmes etc)

The programme will be transmitted at 5.00 p.m.
transmission /-ʃən/ noun

the act of transmitting

the transmission of disease / radio signals.

a radio or television broadcast.

transmitter noun

an apparatus for transmitting, or a person who transmits

a radio transmitter.

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