Übersetzung von “transplant” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitivetransplant /trænsˈplænt, -ˈplɑnt/
(of a body organ) to take out of one person's body and put into another person's body
transplanter , greffer

to transplant a kidney
transplanter un foie
(of a plant) to move to a different place

Some plants do not do well if they are transplanted.
Certaines plantes supportent mal d'être repiquées.


noun countable-uncountabletransplant /ˈtrænsˌplænt, -ˌplɑnt/
the medical operation in which a body organ is transplanted
transplantation feminine , greffe feminine

a kidney/heart transplant
une greffe du foie/cœur

organs needed for transplant
les organes dont on a besoin pour les transplantations/greffes

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verb /trӕnsˈplaːnt/

to remove (an organ of the body) and put it into another person or animal

transplanter, greffer
Doctors are able to transplant kidneys.

to remove (skin) and put it on another part of the body.

transplanter, greffer

to plant in another place

We transplanted the rose bush (to the back garden).


an organ, skin, or a plant that is transplanted

transplant, greffon
The transplant was rejected by the surrounding tissue.

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