Übersetzung von “trial” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nountrial /ˈtraɪəl, traɪl/
countable-uncountable a court case
procès masculine

a seven-month trial
un procès de sept mois

to stand trial
passer en jugement

to be on trial for murder
être jugé pour meurtre
countable-uncountable the process of trying sth to find out if it is appropriate, effective, etc.
essai masculine , test masculine

pharmaceutical trials
des tests pharmaceutiques

a three-month trial of the product
une période d'essai de trois mois du produit

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noun /ˈtraiəl/

a legal process by which a person is judged in a court of law

Their trial will be held next week.

an act of testing or trying; a test

essai, épreuve
Give the new car a trial
The disaster was a trial of his courage.

a (source of) trouble or anxiety

My son is a great trial (to me).
trial run

a rehearsal, first test etc of anything, eg a play, car, piece of machinery etc

He took the car out on a trial run.
on trial

the subject of a legal action in court

She’s on trial for murder.

undergoing tests or examination

à l’essai
We’ve had a new burglar alarm installed, but it’s only on trial at the moment.
trial and error

the trying of various methods, alternatives etc until the right one happens to appear or be found

They didn’t know how to fix the photocopier, but they managed it somehow by trial and error.

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