Übersetzung von “trouble” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nountrouble /ˈtrʌbəl/
countable-uncountable problems, concerns, etc.
ennuis masculine plural , problème masculine , difficultés feminine plural , mal masculine

I'm having trouble getting this work finished.
J'ai du mal à terminer ce travail.

economic problems that have caused a lot of trouble
des problèmes économiques qui ont causé beaucoup de difficultés
the trouble with sth/sb
l'ennui / le problème avec

The trouble with this camera is that it's too big.
L'ennui / le problème avec cet appareil-photo, c'est qu'il est trop grand.
uncountable =inconvenience; extra effort
inconvénient masculine

It wouldn't be any trouble for us to help.
Cela ne nous dérange pas du tout de donner un coup de main.
go to a lot of trouble
to try hard to do sth
se donner beaucoup de mal

We had gone to a lot of trouble to make her visit pleasant.
On s'est donné beaucoup de mal pour rendre son séjour agréable.
take the trouble to do sth
to do sth that require extra effort
prendre / se donner la peine de faire qqch

She took the trouble of putting fresh flowers in the room.
Elle a pris / s'est donné la peine de mettre des fleurs fraîches dans sa chambre.
uncountable a difficult, dangerous, or problematic situation
situation feminine délicate

They got into trouble when a storm came through.
Ils se sont trouvés dans une situation délicate lorsque l'orage survint.
uncountable when you have done sth wrong and are likely to be punished
problèmes masculine plural , ennuis masculine plural

She's been in trouble with the police again.
Elle a eu à nouveau des ennuis avec la police.
uncountable violence or fighting
conflits masculine plural

reports of trouble on the border
des rumeurs de conflits à la frontière


verb transitivetrouble /ˈtrʌbəl/
to worry sb

Is there something troubling you?
Y a-t-il quelque chose qui t'inquiète ?
formal to disturb or bother sb

I'm sorry to trouble you, but could you help me?
Je suis désolé de vous déranger mais pourriez-vous m'aider ?

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noun /ˈtrabl/

(something which causes) worry, difficulty, work, anxiety etc

He never talks about his troubles
We’ve had a lot of trouble with our children
I had a lot of trouble finding the book you wanted.

disturbances; rebellion, fighting etc

The incident occurred during the time of the troubles in Northern ireland.

illness or weakness (in a particular part of the body)

He has heart trouble.
troubled adjective

(negative untroubled)

worried or anxious

He is obviously a troubled man.

disturbed and not peaceful

troubled sleep.
troublesome adjective

causing worry or difficulty

troublesome children/tasks.
troublemaker noun

a person who continually (and usually deliberately) causes worry, difficulty or disturbance to other people

fauteur/-trice de troubles
Beware of her – she is a real troublemaker.



used as part of a very polite and formal request

May I trouble you to close the window?

to make any effort

se donner la peine de
He didn’t even trouble to tell me what had happened.

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