Übersetzung von “trunk” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countabletrunk /trʌŋk/
the thick bottom part of a tree
tronc masculine

the bark on the trunk of the tree
l'écorce sur le tronc de l'arbre
the storage section at the back of a car
coffre masculine

Put the groceries in the trunk.
Mets les provisions dans le coffre.
a large, strong container for storing or transporting things
malle feminine

a trunk full of old clothes
une malle pleine de vieux vêtements
an elephant's nose
trompe feminine

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noun /traŋk/

the main stem (of a tree)

The trunk of this tree is five metres thick.

a large box or chest for packing or keeping clothes etc in

He packed his trunk and sent it to Canada by sea.

an elephant’s long nose

The elephant sucked up water into its trunk.

the body (not including the head, arms and legs) of a person (and certain animals)

He had a powerful trunk, but thin arms.

(American) a boot (of a car)

Put your baggage in the trunk.
trunks noun plural

short trousers or pants worn by boys or men, especially the type used for swimming

maillot de bain
He wore only a pair of bathing trunks.

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