Übersetzung von “trust” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitivetrust /trʌst/
to feel that sb is good, honest, and reliable
avoir confiance en , faire confiance à

I trust him completely.
Je lui fais entièrement confiance.

We trust our employees to get the job done.
Nous pouvons compter sur nos employés pour que le travail soit fait.

She trusts him with her kids.
Elle lui confie ses enfants.
to believe that sth is true or reliable
se fier à , croire

We have to trust what they tell us.
Nous devons croire ce qu'ils nous disent.

I trust that she's telling me the truth.
Je crois qu'elle me dit la vérité.

Do you think we can trust these statistics?
Pensez-vous qu'on puisse se fier à ces statistiques ?


nountrust /trʌst/
uncountable the feeling that sb or sth is good, honest, and reliable
confiance feminine

We have trust in the teachers.
Nous avons confiance dans les enseignants.

You'll have to earn your employees' trust.
Vous devez gagner la confiance de vos employés.
put your trust in
to trust
se fier à , s'en remettre à

We put too much trust in technology.
Nous nous fions / en remettons trop à la technologie.
countable-uncountable a financial arrangement in which sb manages money for sb else, or the money that is managed
fidéicommis masculine

to set up a trust for sb
instituer un fidéicommis à l'intention de qqn

assets held in trust
des avoirs tenus en fidéicommis

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verb /trast/

to have confidence or faith; to believe

avoir confiance (en)
She trusted (in) him.

to give (something to someone), believing that it will be used well and responsibly

confier (qqch. à qqn)
I can’t trust him with my car
I can’t trust my car to him.

to hope or be confident (that)

I trust (that) you had / will have a good journey.
trustee noun

a person who keeps and takes care of something (especially money or property) for some one else

the board of trustees.
trustworthy adjective

(negative untrustworthy) worthy of trust

digne de confiance
Is your friend trustworthy?
trustworthiness noun

trusty adjective

able to be trusted or depended on

trusty sword
a trusty friend.
trustily adverb

trustiness noun




charge or care; responsibility

The child was placed in my trust.

a task etc given to a person by someone who believes that they will do it, look after it etc well

He holds a position of trust in the firm.

arrangement(s) by which something (eg money) is given to a person to use in a particular way, or to keep until a particular time

(en) fiducie
The money was to be held in trust for his children
(also adjective) a trust fund

a group of business firms working together

The companies formed a trust.

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