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verbtry /traɪ/ ( tries pt pp tried )
transitive-intransitive to make an effort to do sth

I know it's hard, but just try.
Je sais que c'est difficile mais essaie au moins.

Try to jump up and touch the ceiling.
Essayez de sauter en l'air et de toucher le plafond.
try your best/hardest
faire de son mieux

I tried my best to explain.
J'ai fait de mon mieux pour expliquer.
transitive to use or do sth to find out if it is good, effective, etc.
essayer , tester

Have you tried the cake?
Avez-vous goûté ce gâteau ?

He tried acupuncture and several other treatments.
Il a essayé/testé l'acupuncture ainsi que plusieurs autres traitements.

Why don't you try doing it differently this time?
Pourquoi n'essaies-tu pas de le faire différemment cette fois ?

Try the little store on the corner.
Essaie le petit magasin au coin.
transitive (usually passive) to judge the evidence in a court case

He was tried for assault.
Il a été jugé pour agression.

The case will be tried in a federal court.
L'affaire sera jugée devant une cour fédérale.
try your hand at
to attempt sth new
s'essayer à

I decided to try my hand at writing plays.
J'ai décidé de m'essayer à l'écriture de pièces.

try for

verb phrasaltry for [ ˈtraɪ ˌfɔr, fər ]
to attempt to obtain or win
essayer d'obtenir / de gagner

I'm going to try for the big prize.
J'essaie de gagner le grand prix.

try on

verb phrasaltry on [ ˈtraɪ ˈɒn, ˈɔn ]
to put on a piece of clothing to decide if it looks good

Try the red one on.
Essaie le/la rouge.

I tried on those shoes.
J'ai essayé ces chaussures.

try out for

verb phrasaltry out for [ ˈtraɪ ˈaʊt ˌfɔr, fər ]
to play a sport or perform for a judge to try to become part of a team or group
passer des épreuves de sélection pour essayer d'entrer dans

She's trying out for the soccer team.
Elle passe les épreuves de sélection pour essayer d'entrer dans l'équipe de football.

try out

verb phrasaltry out [ ˈtraɪ ˈaʊt ]
to use or do sth in order to see if it is good, effective, etc.
essayer , tester

We tried out several new models.
Nous avons testé plusieurs modèles.

He tried the jokes out on his uncle.
Il teste les blagues sur son oncle.


noun countabletry /traɪ/ ( plural tries )
an attempt to do sth
essai masculine , tentative feminine

After several tries, she gave up.
Après plusieurs essais/tentatives, elle a abandonné.
give sth a try
essayer qqch

The game's easy to play - give it a try.
C'est un jeu facile, essaie le.
Good/Nice try
spoken used to encourage sb after they try and fail
bel essai / belle tentative / bien essayé

Good try! Kick it a little harder next time.
Bel essai / belle tentative / bien essayé ! Frappe un peu plus fort la prochaine fois.

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verb /trai/

to attempt or make an effort (to do, get etc)

essayer (de)
He tried to answer the questions
Let’s try and climb that tree!

to test; to make an experiment (with) in order to find out whether something will be successful, satisfactory etc

essayer (de)
She tried washing her hair with a new shampoo
Try one of these sweets.

to judge (someone or their case) in a court of law

The prisoners were tried for murder.

to test the limits of; to strain

mettre à l’épreuve
You are trying my patience.
trier noun

a person who keeps on trying, who does not give up

personne persévérante
He’s not very good, but he’s a trier.
trying adjective

difficult; causing strain or anxiety

Having to stay such a long time in hospital must be very trying.

(of people) stretching one’s patience to the limit; annoying

She’s a very trying woman!
try on

to put on (clothes etc) to see if they fit

She tried on a new hat.
try out

to test (something) by using it

We are trying out new teaching methods.


noun (plural tries)

in rugby football, an act of putting the ball on the ground behind the opponents’ goal-line

Our team scored three tries.

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