Die Übersetzung von "try" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /trai/

to attempt or make an effort (to do, get etc)

essayer (de)
He tried to answer the questions
Let’s try and climb that tree!

to test; to make an experiment (with) in order to find out whether something will be successful, satisfactory etc

essayer (de)
She tried washing her hair with a new shampoo
Try one of these sweets.

to judge (someone or their case) in a court of law

The prisoners were tried for murder.

to test the limits of; to strain

mettre à l’épreuve
You are trying my patience.
trier noun

a person who keeps on trying, who does not give up

personne persévérante
He’s not very good, but he’s a trier.
trying adjective

difficult; causing strain or anxiety

Having to stay such a long time in hospital must be very trying.

(of people) stretching one’s patience to the limit; annoying

She’s a very trying woman!
try on

to put on (clothes etc) to see if they fit

She tried on a new hat.
try out

to test (something) by using it

We are trying out new teaching methods.

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