Übersetzung von “tug” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitive-intransitivetug /tʌg/ ( tugging, tugged )
to pull with short hard pulls
tirer par à-coups , tirailler

The puppy tugged on/at his pants leg.
Le chiot tiraillait sa jambe de pantalon.

I tugged the door open.
J'ai ouvert la porte en tirant par à-coups.


noun countabletug /tʌg/
a short hard pull
à-coup masculine

A few tugs and it was open.
Quelques à-coups et c'était ouvert.

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verb /taɡ/ (past tense, past participle tugged)

to pull (something) sharply and strongly

tirer (sur)
He tugged (at) the door but it wouldn’t open.
tug-boat noun

a small boat with a very powerful engine, for towing larger ships.

tug-of-war noun

a competition in which two people or teams pull at opposite ends of a rope, trying to pull their opponents over a centre line.

souque à la corde



a tug-boat.


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