Übersetzung von “twist” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitive-intransitivetwist /twɪst/
transitive-intransitive to bend into a different shape
(se) déformer

She twisted her hair nervously.
Elle tortillait ses cheveux nerveusement.

The tower had twisted in the strong winds.
La tour s'est penchée dans les vents violents.
transitive-intransitive to turn part of your body around
(se) tourner

She twisted in her seat to look behind her.
Elle se tournait sur sa chaise pour regarder derrière elle.

The owl can twist his head 180 degrees.
La chouette peut tourner sa tête à 180 degrés.
transitive to injure a part of your body by twisting it

I twisted my ankle when I fell.
Je me suis tordu la cheville quand je suis tombé.
to turn sth around a central point

Twist the knob to the left.
Tournez le bouton vers la gauche.
transitive to change information so that it gives you an advantage

They accused him of twisting the facts.
Ils l'ont accusé de déformer les faits.
intransitive (of a road or river) with many curves

a river twisting through the mountains
un fleuve zigzaguant entre les montagnes


noun countabletwist /twɪst/
an act of twisting sth
rotation feminine , torsion feminine , foulure feminine

a twist of his wrist
une foulure du poignet
an unexpected change in a situation, story, etc.
revirement masculine , rebondissement masculine

a good twist in the plot
un bon rebondissement dans l'intrigue
a twist of fate
sth important and unexpected that happens to sb
un coup du sort
a piece of sth that has been twisted
(petit) morceau masculine

She lit a twist of paper under the logs.
Elle a allumé un morceau de papier sous les bûches.
twists and turns
curves in a road or river
tours et détours

the twists and turns of the country roads
les tours et détours des routes de campagne

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verb /twist/

to turn round (and round)

tourner, (s’)enrouler, (s’)entortiller
He twisted the knob
The road twisted through the mountains.

to wind around or together

He twisted the piece of string (together) to make a rope.

to force out of the correct shape or position

The heat of the fire twisted the metal
twisted adjective

bent out of shape

tordu; déformé
a twisted branch
a twisted report.
twister noun

a dishonest or deceiving person.




a twisted piece of something

He added a twist of lemon to her drink.

a turn, coil etc

There’s a twist in the rope.

a change in direction (of a story etc)

coup de théâtre
The story had a strange twist at the end.

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