Übersetzung von “type” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nountype /taɪp/
countable a group of things or people of the same kind
type masculine , genre masculine

a type of water bird
un type d'oiseau aquatique

a type of nerve damage
un type d'atteinte névralgique

the three main types of volcanoes
les trois types de volcans

We have this type of trouble all the time.
Nous avons sans arrêt ce genre d'ennuis.
countable a person with particular qualities or characteristics
genre masculine , type masculine

She's the quiet type.
C'est le genre calme.

He's the type to argue with whatever you say.
Il est du genre à contredire tout ce que vous dites.
not sb's type
not the type of person sb usually finds attractive
pas le type de qqn

Tall blondes aren't my type.
Les grandes blondes ne sont pas mon type.
uncountable printed letters
caractère masculine

words printed in very large type
des mots imprimés en très grands caractères


verb transitive-intransitivetype /taɪp/
to write sth using a computer keyboard or similar device

He can type without looking.
Je sais taper sans regarder.

I typed a few more words.
J'ai tapé quelques mots de plus.

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noun /taip/

a kind, sort; variety

type, sorte
What type of house would you prefer to live in?
They are marketing a new type of washing powder.


noun /taip/

(a particular variety of) metal blocks with letters, numbers etc used in printing

Can we have the headline printed in a different type?

printed letters, words etc

I can’t read the type – it’s too small.
typing noun ( typewriting)

writing produced by a typewriter

fifty pages of typing.
typist noun

a person whose job is to type

She works as a typist
She is a typist in a publishing firm.
typewriter noun

a machine with keys for printing letters on a piece of paper

machine à écrire
a portable / an electric typewriter.

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