Die Übersetzung von "under" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


preposition /ˈandə/

in or to a position lower than, or covered by

sous, au-dessous (de)
Your pencil is under the chair
Strange plants grow under the sea.

less than, or lower in rank than

(de) moins de
Children under five should not cross the street alone
You can do the job in under an hour.

subject to the authority of

sous les ordres (de)
As a foreman, he has about fifty workers under him.

used to express various states

sous, en
The fort was under attack
The business improved under the new management

beneath, as in underline.

sous-… souligner

too little, as in underpay.

sous-… sous-payer

lower in rank

sous-… sous-directeur
the under-manager.

less in age than

de moins de
a nursery for under-fives (= children aged four and under).

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