Übersetzung von “vacant” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivevacant /ˈveɪkənt/
(of land or property) not being used or occupied
vacant/-e , inoccupé/-ée

a vacant lot next to the house
une parcelle vacante à côté de la maison

The building still stands vacant.
Le bâtiment demeure encore inoccupé.
(of sb's expression) showing no intelligence or emotion
sans expression

a vacant look
un regard absent

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adjective /ˈveikənt/

empty or unoccupied

a vacant chair
Are there any rooms vacant in this hotel?

showing no thought, intelligence or interest

a vacant stare.
vacancy noun (plural vacancies)

an unoccupied post

poste vacant
We have a vacancy for a typist.

the condition of being vacant; emptiness

The vacancy of his expression made me doubt if he was listening.
vacantly adverb

absent-mindedly; without concentration

He stared vacantly out of the window.

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