Übersetzung von “variety” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounvariety /vəˈraɪɪti/ ( plural varieties )
singular several different things of the same type
variété feminine

There are a variety of reasons to eat less meat.
Il y des raisons variées pour manger moins de viande.
wide variety
many different types
grand nombre de

a wide variety of electronic goods
un grand nombre d'articles électroniques
countable one type in a group of many similar things
variété feminine

There are many different varieties of the plant.
Il y a de nombreuses variétés de cette plante.
uncountable the fact of being varied
variété feminine , diversité feminine

There is a lot of variety in the content of his films.
Il y a beaucoup de variété/diversité dans le contenu de ses films.

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noun /vəˈraiəti/ (plural varieties)

the quality of being of many different kinds or of being varied

There’s a great deal of variety in this job.

a mixed collection or range

grand choix (de)
The children got a variety of toys on their birthdays.

a sort or kind

They grow fourteen different varieties of rose.

a type of mixed theatrical entertainment including dances, songs, short sketches etc

(de) variétés
I much prefer operas to variety
(also adjective) a variety show.

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