Übersetzung von “vegetable” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablevegetable /ˈvɛdʒtəbəl, ˈvɛdʒɪtə-/
a plant eaten as food
légume masculine

broccoli, spinach, and other green vegetables
le brocoli, les épinards et les autres légumes

vegetable soup
soupe de légumes

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noun /ˈvedʒtəbl/

a plant or part of a plant, other than a fruit, used as food

(à, de, aux) légume(s)
We grow potatoes, beans and other vegetables
(also adjective) vegetable oils.

a plant

Grass is a vegetable, gold is a mineral and a human being is an animal.
vegetarian /vedʒi-/ noun

a person who does not eat meat of any kind

Has he always been a vegetarian?
(also adjective) This is a vegetarian dish.
vegetarianism noun

vegetate /ˈvedʒiteit/ verb

to live an idle, boring and pointless life

I would like to get a job – I don’t want to vegetate at home all day.
vegetation /vedʒi-/ noun

plants in general; plants of a particular region or type

tropical vegetation.

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