Übersetzung von “vibrate” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitive-intransitivevibrate /ˈvaɪbreɪt/
to shake with very quick movements

The house vibrates when a train passes.
La maison vibre quand un train passe.


noun countable-uncountablevibration [ vaɪˈbreɪʃən ]
vibration feminine

vibrations caused by the earthquake
des vibrations causées par un tremblement de terre

the vibration of sound waves
la vibration des ondes sonores

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verb /vaiˈbreit, (American) ˈvaibreit/

to (cause to) shake, tremble, or move rapidly back and forth

(faire) vibrer
Every sound that we hear is making part of our ear vibrate
The engine has stopped vibrating.
vibration /(British and American) -ˈbrei-/ noun

(an) act of vibrating

This building is badly affected by the vibration of all the heavy traffic that passes.

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