Übersetzung von “view” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounview /vyu/
countable-uncountable everything that can be seen from a particular location
vue feminine

the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower
la vue du sommet de la Tour Eiffel

a stunning view of the hills
une superbe vue des collines
come into view
to start to be visible

As you come out of the tunnel the whole city comes into view.
Lorsque tu sors du tunnel, toute la ville apparaît.
countable an opinion
opinion feminine , avis masculine

What's your view on the issue?
Quel est votre avis sur la question ?

In my view, it's far too expensive.
A mon avis, c'est beaucoup trop cher.
; see also point 14.
in view of
as a result of
étant donné

In view of these difficulties, we have decided to postpone the meeting.
Etant donné ces difficultés, nous avons décidé de reporter la réunion.
with a view to
with the aim or purpose of
en vue de

We bought the property with a view to selling it in a few years' time.
Nous avons acheté la propriété en vue de la vendre d'ici quelques années.


verb transitiveview /vyu/
to have a particular opinion about, or to consider in a particular way
considérer , envisager

Voters viewed his speech with skepticism.
Les électeurs ont accueilli son discours avec scepticisme.

The accused will not be viewed favorably by the jury.
Le jury ne sera pas favorable à l'accusé.

Torture is generally viewed as immoral.
La torture est généralement considérée comme immorale.
to watch
regarder , visionner

Millions of people viewed his video online.
Des millions de personnes ont visionné/regardé sa vidéo en ligne.

We'll be able to view the fireworks from the boat.
Nous pourrons regarder les feux d'artifice du bateau.

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noun /vjuː/

(an outlook on to, or picture of) a scene

Your house has a fine view of the hills
He painted a view of the harbour.

an opinion

Tell me your view/views on the subject.

an act of seeing or inspecting

We were given a private view of the exhibition before it was opened to the public.
viewer noun

a person who watches television

This programme regularly has five million viewers.

a device with a magnifying lens, and often with a light, used in viewing transparencies.

viewpoint noun

a point of view

point de vue
I am looking at the matter from a different viewpoint.
in view of

taking into consideration; because of

vu, étant donné
In view of the committee’s criticisms of his performance, he felt he had to resign.
on view

being shown or exhibited

There’s a marvellous collection of prints on view at the gallery.
point of view

a way or manner of looking at a subject, matter etc

point de vue
You must consider everyone’s point of view before deciding.

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