Übersetzung von “vocal” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivevocal /ˈvoʊkəl/
expressing your thoughts and opinions very openly
qui se fait entendre

a chance to get vocal about local issues
une occasion de s'exprimer ouvertement sur des problèmes locaux
relating to the voice

actors who require vocal training
les acteurs qui ont besoin d'une formation vocale

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adjective /ˈvəukəl/

of, or concerning, the voice

the singer’s vocal style.

(of a person) talkative; keen to make one’s opinions heard by other people

qui se fait entendre
He’s always very vocal at meetings.
vocally adverb

à haute voix; oralement
vocalist noun

a singer

a female vocalist.
vocal cords

folds of membrane in the larynx that produce the sounds used in speech, singing etc when vibrated.

cordes vocales

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