Die Übersetzung von "walk" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /woːk/

(of people or animals) to (cause to) move on foot at a pace slower than running, never having both or all the feet off the ground at once

marcher; promener
He walked across the room and sat down
How long will it take to walk to the station?
She walks her dog in the park every morning.

to travel on foot for pleasure

se promener (à pied)
We’re going walking in the hills for our holidays.

to move on foot along

marcher (dans)
It’s dangerous to walk the streets of the city alone after dark.
walker noun

a person who goes walking for pleasure

We met a party of walkers as we were going home.
walkie-talkie noun

a portable two-way radio

émetteur-récepteur portatif
The soldiers spoke to each other on the walkie-talkie.
walking stick noun

a stick used (especially as an aid to balance) when walking

The old lady has been using a walking stick since she hurt her leg.
walkover noun

an easy victory

victoire facile
It was a walkover! We won 8–nil.
walkway noun

a path etc for pedestrians only

passage pour piétons
a pedestrian walkway.
walk all over (someone)

to pay no respect to (a person’s) rights, feelings etc

marcher sur les pieds de
He’ll walk all over you if you let him.
walk off with

to win easily

gagner haut la main
He walked off with all the prizes at the school sports day.

to steal

voler, piquer
The thieves have walked off with my laptop.
walk of life

a way of earning one’s living; an occupation or profession

profession, métier
People from all walks of life went to the minister’s funeral.
walk on air

to feel extremely happy etc

être aux anges
She has been walking on air since he asked her to marry him.

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